Alpha F1 Review 2019- Is It "Effective AlphaF1 " Testo Booster Or a Scam?!

Alpha F1

WARNING 2019: Do Not Buy Alpha F1 Until You Read This Review Of Alpha F1 supplement Can Give Results

What is Alpha F1?

Sufficient amount of testosterone levels are required by an individual in his body for good and proper health. Testosterone helps a man to solve his problems by giving him the required amount of energy, stamina and weight. This is the reason why man has to take testosterone boosters to fulfill the requirements of his body and take his life to a whole new adventurous and exciting level.

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Alpha F1 Review 2019- Is It "Effective
AlphaF1" Testo Booster Or a Scam?!

1. What is Alpha F1?
2. How does Alpha F1 work?
3. What Are The ingredients of Alpha F1?
4. How to Use Alpha F1?
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Alpha F1 is a testosterone booster which is widely used by men suffering from problem of Low-T. It contains natural ingredients which promise to increase your stamina, reduce the recovery time, increase your energy, boost your sexual performance by improving libido, help you gain lean muscle mass and much more. It is also claimed that it improves semen production due to which there are more number of orgasms which ultimately lead to a better sex life.

Alpha F1 helps to decrease fat (specially abdomen fat in men) by burning it and helps you grow lean muscle. Thus it is very useful for men going to gyms. It also increases the metabolic rate of the body thus resulting in faster weight loss. Better metabolism helps the individual to enjoy various health benefits that will lead to a better health.

As men cross their 30’s, they experience a considerable amount of decease in their sex drive. This may be because of work stress, depression, low self-esteem, alcohol consumption and many various reasons. So there comes a need of something that may solve this problem. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longfolia Extract)is the key herbal ingredient in this product. Alpha F1 can help you solve these problems to some extent as claimed by the authorities only! But the truth is that Alpha F1 is not so efficient and there are many better options available in the market in same price.

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How does Alpha F1 work?

Alpha F1 claims to improve your libido by improving testosterone levels in your body. You should know that the only testosterone you want in your body is the natural testosterone of your body. An outside source would be harmful for your body. Any outside hormone could likely not be accepted by your body and result in side effects leaving your condition worse than before. Alpha F1 increases testosterone while other products boost testosterone levels.

Alpha F1 has natural ingredients but that doesn’t mean that it is side-effect free completely. Though they give free trial, to try it you have to sign up for monthly billing.

The makers of Alpha F1 claim that this product does not work in this way. They claim that it works naturally and its natural ingredients help to boost the testosterone level naturally. But we think that it doesn’t increase the required amount of testosterone levels.

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What are the ingredients of Alpha F1?

Alpha F1 has got some good natural ingredients that are helpful:

Zinc 20mg
Vitamins B1 & B6 60mg
Eurycoma Longfolia Extract 100mg

Zinc :- It strengths the immune system which result in rapid healing (recovery). It also helps in increasing libido. It enhances fertility. In a survey it has been found that men containing high level of zinc have better fertility that others as their sperms are more fertile.

Vitamin B1 :- Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine is commonly used for muscle growth and development.

Vitamin B6 :- Increases testosterone level and maintains the health of nerves in the body.

Eurycoma Longfolia Extract (Tongkat Ali) 100mg :- It has many benefits that’s the reason why it is used in most of health supplements. It increases testosterone level in the body. It limits the levels of SHBG. It also increases blood flow in the body. It increases stamina and reduces fat.

Though it has got some good natural ingredients, the product has side effects and it may be harmful for some people.

How to use Alpha F1?

It is recommended to take 2 pills in a day.


Includes Zinc. Easier to use.


It gives you about 200mg’s per serving as compared to 2000-3000mg’s in other products.
It has only 4 ingredients. (standard number of ingredients in products is 6-10)
There are no real scientific evidences that show that the product is effective.
No reviews from genuine customers are available.
For effectiveness, the dose amount should be 400mg per serving but in Alpha F1 it is only 100mg per serving which is very less.
Not worth the price.
It can cause side effects.

The Final Verdict

Alpha F1 is a huge disappointment and not worth the amount you pay to buy it. The best advice would be to stay away from products like this and also make others aware about the same. It has more cons than pros, we recommend you not to use it as it will only increase your problems. Also the price of Alpha F1 is considerably high seeing its not so good / below par effectiveness.

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