Is Chul Soon Natural or Taking Steroids?

Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder who is actually the 2016 Musclemania World 'Natural' Pro Winner.

That is a legal question to be sure to ask, particularly when you finally look at his wonderful physique. What makes Chul Soon a wonderful case is the fact Chul Soon is the 2016 Musclemania Universe Natural Pro (Professional) Winner. As a natural winner, the hope is that Chul Soon has not used any one of the steroids as well as other overall performance improving drugs which are commonly used by most other pro body builders.

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While it really is a very common response from people who are unfamiliar with muscle building to believe that someone with a body such as Chul Soon is using steroids, in his situation the arguments are louder due to the standard of development he has attained. Not just does he have awesome ratios and a really low amount of body fat, his muscle groups are so full that photos of him look like they have been digitally changed. The amazing section is that while his photos do not appear real, these are in reality unaltered. While Chul Soon has constantly made gains in lean muscle mass with time, the advanced development he has shown recently has been eye-opening. Provided with how much he has developed in this kind of a brief period of time it's truly no surprise that folks are asking whether or not he really is an all natural bodybuilder

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The Argument Against Chul Soon Making use of Steroids

The most important argument against Chul Soon being a steroid person is the reason that as a Muclemania winner, he has been put through required drug tests. Their web site obviously states that directly the following competition the top 5 bodybuilders need to submit a urine research. Any which are found to have not allowed ingredients in their taste will be prohibited from competing for 24 months. Even if this might seem to indicate that Chul Soon couldn't make use of steroids simply because he would be caught under these kinds of tests requirements, this is not really true. Tests may be ripped off on and you will discover several ways that bodybuilders use to assist purge any traces of unlawful drugs from their method before the test.

Since Musclemania only tests following a level of competition, therefore the date of the test is obviously known, it really is not too difficult to come up with a technique to beat that test. By ending steroid usage well in advance it really is very easy for a bodybuilder to come up with a cleanup test even though they had used steroids previously. Some other natural bodybuilding groups use arbitrary testing which makes unfaithful much tougher, due to the fact Musclemania does not it is extremely likely that they have sports athletes that are not as natural since they claim to be.

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His proportions are much like Phil Heath’s , who is also with huge delts that pop out .

The Final Verdict

It really is fairly obvious that Chal Soon has been utilizing overall performance improving drugs. He has a changed facial structure which only happens whenever someone uses human growth hormone. He also offers huge delts and full muscle bellies that commonly do not happen until you are using steroids. In addition to that, he competes for a bodybuilding campaign which has a drug testing policy which is simple to predict which makes it easy to beat. While he might not admit it proof points to the truth that Chal Soon is a steroid person.

Potential Steroid Stack :

HGH – He’s most likely used HGH to pack on bulk/mass and also obtain ripped like his cranium is bigger.

Testosterone – Test would’ve assisted his to pack on a number of serious muscle mass, without searching as well smooth.

Equipoise – Eq is well-known for making the upper body and delts very developed.

Deca – Deca gives the muscles an extra level of thickness. Chul comes with great thickness almost all over his body

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