Is CT Fletcher Taking Steroids Or natural ?

The Top secret Behind CT Fletcher 22 inch-Arm Size

He solidly statements he’s natural knowing that he developed his 22 inch your arms 100% without in contact with a steroid. Knowing this, lots of individuals do think he’s using steroids such as muscle building myth, Leroy Colbert, who individually referred to as him Youtube.

For the not aware Leroy Colbert is famous in muscle building as the initial man to develop 21 inch your arms without having to take steroids. Leroy’s judgment, even so, is biased, mainly because CT Fletcher is declaring to have obtained the exact same incredible achievement, hence potentially seeing him mainly because of a rival from a completely different age.

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Steroid or not, at 57 years older CT continue to appears to be a beast.

But a majority of may wish to know…

Actually, did CT raise 22 inch your arms by nature by commanding them over to expand, or has he been juicing the entire period?

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CT Fletcher continues to be drug checked

To attempt to confirm his natty position he set up to be drug tested via a health care provider, which he completed and available on Youtube.

CT additionally would’ve been medically examined by a federation referred to as NASA, whenever he put the world’s most powerful drug free bench media history.

On the other hand, users steroid can easily pass medical tests which aren’t performed at random situations for the reason that they can quit running some ingredients, making it possible for them to cleanse of their product in due time for the check.


CT-Fletcher ( such as Mike O Hearn ) competed in the INBA muscle building federation. The INBA is well popular for being a very rigid natural group. They execute blood, urine together with polygraph ( lie alarm ) lab tests on their sportsmen at unique times throughout every season.

This unique testing is extremely important in determining legit natural serious weight lifters because this prevents them from organizing an agreement to beat lab tests held at fixed times.

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For those who not succeed only one, these laboratory tests your reputation might go up on them like NBA's wall of a sense of guilt page on their web site. Consequently a body-builder with an enormous following, for example, CT wouldn’t compete in a federation such as this, because he’ll be at risk from of reducing all his trustworthiness.

CT-Fletcher competed INBA in the years of 2011.

Was Younger CT on Steroids?

A number of cynics may say…

"Okay perhaps CT Fletcher was natural in 2011, yet he could’ve been juicing sooner in his life".

Heart Failure

A lot of steroid-users feel heart issues in their living. Some expertise blood pressure levels while others suffer from heart attacks.

CT Fletcher has congestive heart failure ( 4 ). On the other hand, in CT’s situation, this really is fairly genetic, with his mom suffering from the very same illness in her past due years.

The reality that this man continues to be living after overloading on salt and also saturated fat for 2 decades is absolutely nothing short of a miraculous.

The documentary Super Size Me exhibits exactly how a natural healthful man who daily lives on Mcdonald’s ( even for a brief time period ) can experience a significant decrease in general health. For that reason, it’s clear steroids aren’t the reason behind CT’s heart disease.

Does CT-Fletcher Use to Synthol?

Synthol is an oil which is directly injected into the physique muscles for enhancement in order to create a smooth look. If injected into the biceps and triceps, they become larger than some other parts of the body; making areas of the body look unproportionate. The muscle groups then shrink and also look sagging. When it comes to Fletcher, his muscles appear protruding and also normally increased; without shrinking or sagging observed. Furthermore, his arm muscles still appear proportional to some other body places.

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There’s absolutely no information to recommend CT has ever used steroids.

He also has no steroid negative effects; displaying pretty small traps along with a tight midsection.

CT helps make a good part of his money from his YouTube platform. So that there’d be no inspiration to lie regarding being natty, mainly because guys such as Rich Piana receive enormous amounts of views discussing certain steroids they’ve benefited from.

To summarize, having an excellent body needs a regular and continuous body working out, combined with good nutrition, workouts, in order to continue to be strong and healthy the entire time.


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